Sunny Day Earth Solutions



Quote of The Month:All we need is love!”

John Lennon


Sunny Day Earth Solutions announces the appointment of 2 new board member’s, for those who do not know Taylor Brienne Hammes and her friend Libby Borchert moved to Seattle a few weeks ago, we wish them well! Taylor served us as Art Director, joining us to fill her position is:
Grace Lansing a very community supportive artist, And Jason Spafford also joins the board as media consultant to help with our future video projects!!! Thankx for all the past and future support!!!




New York Times Article 6/20/2013


Sunny Day Earth Solutions

is now a full service  Non-Profit

education facility offering:

  • ¬†Workshops both onsite and available for your trade show or event
  • Demonstrations on Sustainable living
  • Demonstrations on sustainable construction
  • Straw Bale moisture monitoring(first one in the mid-west)(first approved bale building in Mpls since 1998)
  • Online sales
  • Trade show sales
  • LED lighting design and consultation
  • Solar demonstrations and tours
  • Kids workshops also available for birthday’s and your kids events