Board of Directors

Executive Director/ Board President

cropped-LED12-1.jpgRamy Selim—(former  owner of Sunny Day(Eco store))  is passionate about improving our environment through the use of renewable energy and recycled products. Not only has he made his home into his training ground for energy efficient living, he has dedicated the last 15 years to educating himself on energy-efficiency and the environment. He was Minnesota’s first MREA PV certified site assessor, and a trained installer by the MREA. As a member of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA), Ramy has been educating himself for over 15 , and continues to do so through extended workshops on various topics of renewable and environmental living, such as building straw bale houses.

Ramy worked as producer/Director on the 2009 video/DVD, “Building a Straw Bale Home:A Practical and Spiritual guide.”

Ramy has also spent the last 20 years doing plumbing, electrical work and renovating homes for the people of his community. He has combined this knowledge and skill with his passion to not only motivate people to make their homes for efficient, but also physically help them accomplish the goal.


Miranda Almendinger-Grant Writer/ board member



Art Director

Nick Vanderloop

Art Director of Sunny Day, a local talented artist, has worked with natural plasters

And creates natural art with Sunny Day’s natural paint’s on Ellie Pooh (elephant manure”) Paper.

He also works with Ramy on the construction projects to bring a “Artistic” edge to them






Food consultant

Noah Vanderloop




Media Director

Jason Spafford-has been a producer/director/ writer and business entrepreneur for over twenty years. Between 2000 and 2011 he produced/directed 6 films for local artist Chris Larson. He started the first online DVD production company in 1999. Most recently Jason was responsible for bringing on investors and VP Marketing for a boxcar unit train project between IL and CA, that, at its height of service, would take over 400 trucks off the roads each week between IL and CA.  He and his wife Cynthia and three children enjoy attending the MREA energy fair, camping and traveling. He has had a long standing interest in sustainability and education.




Board Assistants:

The following individuals are not officially on the board as directors.

However they are helpers in many ways, and are invited to certain events as helpers!!

Sarah Redfield 

Kat Lacroix-Art helper

Aaron John Hoffmeister

Jan Lavictore-Book keeper

Mandy Dalhheimer-consultant

Taylor Brienne Hammes: Art Assistant(former art Director from 6/2014-12/2014)

Mark Morgan: Construction Consultant

Matt Ehling: Video consultant

Michael Sutz: Video consultant
Lila Spafford-Worshop assistant

Grace Lansing: Art assistant(former art director)

Jake Rohde: Media helper(former media director)