Email Announcements 5/9/13

Campaign 5/9/13


Sunny Day earth Solutions is proud to announce our new venture
A sustainable education facility!

Our mission is to bring sustainable living and construction into a doable mainstream (and not so mainstream) lifestyle through education,demonstrations, consultations and video projects.

As many of you may now know Christmas night(Dec 25th) of 2009
Sunny Day suffered a massive fire, the retail store was a complete loss,and we were forced to close due to lack of funds to reopen!
Ramy however kept going strong and never lost sight of the vision!
Sunny day continued to do online sales, trade shows and consultations and some solar installs!And always continued to support MREA(Midwest Renewable Energy Association) continued to exhibit and present at The Energy Fair, and Ian stuck with the fair as well!
Ramy spent the better part of 3 years restoring the building
in a very sustainable way, with the expert help and advise of
MarkMorgan (Bear Paw Construction) As well as many others assisted with the project,in many ways!

Sunny Day has now formed a non-profit corporation
We will be doing demonstrations,teaching workshops
on things like basic plumbing,basic electricity
as well as a full range of sustainable topics from solar
to how to safely operate a bike in the city!(classes due to start in early July)

Sunny Day is also now the home of The first approved Straw Bale structure in Mpls since 1998, the permit was a process due to earlier failures using straw bale, but we continued to plug along with the help of Mark Morgan and Lucas Alm(Alm Design) were able to convince the city the building would survive!

Ramy spent a while properly picking the remaining board members to ensure the vision remains on track, and has chosen a good group.
Ramy will serve as Executive Director due to his experience will all the facets of the business.Joining Ramy is the following people

Mark Telshaw-Executive Designer
he is a 3rd generation woodworker with a building background
currently works for an architecture firm,he has a passion towards natural building and sustainable living.
Which is why he was chosen for the board!

Aaron J Hoffmeister- Executive Consultant
he currently works at the Seward coop he has a background in “Clean Energy” has been involved with
Fond Du Lac,North East Clean Energy Resource Team,
Solar Flow Energy, and others
He is a perfect fit  for Sunny Day!