Make your own paints and finishes

Sunday Dec 9 @ 4PM

“Make your own paints and finishes”

Come learn the wonders of natural paints and how easy and cheap it it to make your own


Workshop is free, however donations are accepted

Workshop is @ Sunny Day Earth Solutions

2601 Como ave SE

Mpls MN 55414

Make Your own Paints and Finishes

Schedule Varies 4:00 PM

Workshops are here!!!

Sunday Dec 9th @ 4PM
Come learn the world of Natural Paints, from Executive Director Ramy who had worked with it for over 10 years.

Workshop is free, donations are graciously accepted!

Sunny Day is a Non-profit with 501(C)3 certification

Event date is past

Building a straw bale home:A practical and spiritual guide

Using bales of straw to build homes is an American innovation that developed in the early 20’th century.At that time,building materials were scarce,but straw and grasses were plentiful in the prairies¬† and sand-hills.Today straw bale is the most energy efficient,sustainable way to build a home.

Designer and builder Mark Morgan guides us through the why’s and how’s of straw bale building.Morgan a 30 year veteran of the construction industry,including 20 years of “green” building experience, has a unique and engaging teaching style.He integrates his building skills,critical thinking,and spiritual awareness as he shares why straw bale and “green” building are essential to our current and future well being.

Aprox run time 1 hour, with aprox 1 hour of extras!!

With the purchase of this DVD a donation will be given to MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Association


Trailer for DVD