“A few years ago, we were interested in installing a DIY stand-alone solar electric system for our studio and garage but did not know where to start. We meet with Ramy Selim, of Sunny Day Earth Solutions, and found a perfect collaborator for our endeavor.

Ramy was a fantastic resource for us throughout the entire project. He helped us design the system, order the parts, aid in the installation of the panels, trouble-shoot the wiring, and guide us through the city’s inspection process.

We were very satisfied with Ramy’s attentiveness in matching our energy needs with our system and his willingness to tailor his services to meet our energy, budgetary, and aesthetic goals.”

—Lucas Alm and Jennifer Stevens, St. Paul, MN


“Ramy Selim was my solar saviour – I wanted to upgrade a one-panel system at a very off-the-grid northwoods cabin, and had a hard time finding resources. I suppose I expected to be able to buy components and do a plug-and-play job myself. I found this impossible, until I encountered Sunnyday Earth Solutions and Ramy. He became my source for the correct equipment, and even installed it – all in one marathon day, during which he worked at top speed, expertly doing the work of a licensed professional, which he is. I would recommend him to anyone looking for good-humored, patient and hard-working service.”

—Mary Earl, MN