Bear Paw Straw


Mark Morgan is the creator of and driving force behind Bearpaw. With over thirty years of experience in construction, fourteen of which have been in sustainable building, Mark is a rare source of wide-ranging and practical information in this rapidly growing field. A good deal of his unique knowledge has been acquired through years of studying ancient techniques, while trade journals, organizations, and his large network of friends in the field keep him on top of the latest innovations.

Mark can be relied on to offer an uncommonly honest assessment of both the positives and negatives of the techniques we use. He will make a great effort to help you understand the ins and outs of sustainable building options. Please read our Design Philosophy and our page about Lifestyle Choices to learn more about Bearpaw’s dedication to sustainability.

Our small crew will join Mark on large construction projects. The crew consists of a collection of hard-working men and women motivated by an interest in environmentally-friendly, self-sufficient lifestyle choices. They make for a unique kind of construction site…!

Mark is also in outreach education at MREA Northouse Folk school and other organizations throughout the midwest

He is also serving as expert  building consultant  as well some building on

Sunny Day’s straw bale

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