Our Mission

Mission Statement

Sunny Day Earth Solutions is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of
sustainable living and construction. Our mission is to bring sustainability to a wider audience through education, demonstrations and consultations. Sunny Day is dedicated to fostering sustainable education through community programming and outreach. Sunny Day’s home, solar powered and utilizing natural building methods, is a reflection of it’s values.


Founded in 2007 (turned non-profit in 2012) Sunny Day Earth Solutions offers educational opportunities by hosting onsite workshops and presenting at trade shows and private venues. Other ECO-friendly experts are welcome to use Sunny Day’s for workshops of their own,as well.

Sunny Day strives to include whole-spectrum thought process, an approach that ties end-to-end construction  and maintenance processes together,in ALL of of it’s workshops. Sunny Day’s expert certifications include: Licensed Minnesota Contractor, PV site assessor,solar thermal design,PV/wind hybrid design,straw bale and the living roof,
Green workplace auditor,energy efficient construction, and many more!

The restoration of Sunny Day included key elements like
solar electricity(PV), solar thermal(heat and hot water),thermal mass,
tank-less hot water heater,and a condensing modulating boiler.
A very well insulated building,and of course has 100 percent LED lighting
(a long time favorite of Sunny Day).
Sunny Day is also the location of the first approved “straw bale” structure in
Minneapolis since 1998. Straw bale structures are made with 20-24” wide layer of straw between 2 layers of plaster,the interior usually being a natural plaster(which is what Sunny Day’s has).They are known for maintaining comfortable temperatures inside regardless of the temperature outside.
They also have superior sound deadening quality!A “Straw Bale” Documentary was done with Mark Morgan see link http://www.sunnydaymn.com/product/building-a-straw-bale-homea-practical-and-spiritual-guide/

Sunny Day and Mark Morgan(Bear Paw)- Ramy and Mark started their collaboration through the shooting of “The Straw Bale DVD” available through this website. After that Marked served as consultant on many building projects on Sunny Day’s building,(the straw garage,pre-fire building, and fire restoration) and both Mark and Ramy are very involved with MREA and “The Energy Fair”

Sunny Day also will be running a small retail operation as a way of bringing quality “sustainable” products to customers.