The Fire Story

On Christmas night 2009 (Dec 25)

Sunny Day’s retail location suffered a massive fire

while it was overwhelming at times Ramy kept plugging away

to “sustainably” restore the building using the means available

after a 2 plus year struggle. The building is now  completed.

I also want to thank those who helped make this possible

Ian Wallace,Mark Morgan,MREA,Crystal Renolds,Joe Fieber,Bryce Henry,Chad Foeringer,Sev Pearman,Andrew Wallace,Maggie Mohs,Sara Mohs,Hannah Fisher,Lucas Alm,Jason Klohs,Elizabeth Edholm,Joe’s Market staff, And many more!

The retail store will not reopen!The business however is still very much alive!

Doing LED sales and consultations,solar assessments and installs, and alternative building consultations as well as construction services.

And of course teaching and bringing quality LED’s as well as other things to “The MREA Energy Fair”

The site will be open for tours and demonstrations, as will the soon to be completed

straw bale structure which is the first approved straw bale in mpls since 1998!